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Grind & Align

Grind & Align
I am thankful for growth and revelation. Just a few years ago, I used to say “Don’t Grind, Align”. I even put it on a t-shirt. But then I realized, you can’t do one without the other. The two literally go hand in hand. To witness the results of the grind you must apply pressure, but without alignment, it produces uninspiring outcomes. So much so it may take you twice as long to achieve the forecasted vision.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “grinding” as a reduction of small fragments into powder by crushing. Crushing!?! Yup, crushing!!! When you crush grapes, you get wine. When you crush coal, you get diamonds. To get to the finer things in life, you must go through the crushing. You must submit to the pressure.

It provides the opportunity to put things in perspective so you can better assess your plan of attack! Grinding provides a deeper level of passion to obtain your goals. Grinding is giving it all you got ALL OF THE TIME – even when you don’t feel like it. Grinding is making sure no stone goes unturned; it’s taking the 5 no’s to get to that 1 amazing yes that’s been waiting for you. Grinding is making sure you put out the best quality service and/or product that you can. Grinding is what molds and strengthens our core. The grinding pushes you into your greatness.

But, I have news for you, grinding isn’t enough. You must get in alignment. You must realign your thought process to yield exponential fruit. People don’t lose weight because they work out. They lose weight because they shift their mindset to reach attainable goals. They take it day by day. I remember Cheldin Barlatt Rumer said on her Facebook Live recently that she was talking to her trainer and he asked her how many cups of coffee she drank a day? And she hesitantly responded by saying 2 with cream and sugar. To her surprise, her trainer informed her that drinking two cups of coffee with cream and sugar was the equivalent of eating an ice cream sundae. Instantly, that transformed her perspective. She gained insight and if Cheldin wanted great results, she knew she had to make the shift. She had to get in alignment. She had to step into an agreement with herself and her trainer. However, the shift couldn’t be made without proper preparation and knowledge.

Once you are aware of the next steps, you are now held accountable. Furthermore, your alignment comes with a level of consistency. It’s doing the work to ensure you are sharp enough to get to your next. What are you reading? Who and what are you watching or listening to? Are the people you’re surrounded by uplifting and sharing positive affirmations with you? If none of these things are happening around you, it’s time to make a change.

Grinding infused with alignment is equivalent to making small strides towards big goals! Keep going.

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