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My Two Cents: Lessons From A Business Owner

My Two Cents: Lessons From A Business Owner
In March 2019, I walked away from a really great corporate job to pursue my business full time. I thought that would lend me the opportunity to “do me”, to allow me to put my business and products out there for the world to enjoy. Of course, I knew there would be some challenges but I’m strong, I can hang! “Nothing can break me”, I said; I am built for this.

Yeah right! I just learned to splash puddles in the rain instead of running to get a poncho! I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I’ve watched friends over the years build businesses – some failed and some soared. That’s business. That’s life.

I’ve learned while building a business you aren’t required to have all the answers. Of course, it requires planning, finances, staying open, not thinking you can do it all alone, emotional support, etc. But most of all, it requires walking in faith and freedom. It requires the liberty to not beat yourself up because you made a mistake. It requires the liberty to look at your business with an eagle eye vision because you can’t soar if you’re walking around with the pigeons. Sometimes, you have to step above the circumstance to see the aerial view.

This provides the opportunity to reassess the blueprint to mitigate possible risks. It requires liberty to be able to create and introduce a product no one thinks will work because you think the market is already saturated. The world will have you thinking you can’t do it but the reality is no one can do it like you. The only competition you have is yourself – so challenge yourself to exceed yourself. Keep freakin’ going!!!

Finally, I’ve learned it’s more important to make customers instead of sales. What do I mean? Glad you asked! Customers will return because they believe in YOU. They believe in your product; the story of how you got here. TELL THE STORY and tell it with confidence – every single time. Tell the story until they can recite your story better than you. That’s when you know, your customer base has been created.

When you create customers, they’ll tell people about you and they’ll tell their people about you! You have the freedom to color outside the lines to create and secure your bag! It’s YOUR bag! The itsy bitsy spider did get washed away, but he didn’t die. How do you think he got back up the spout again? Keep freakin’ going!

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