Body Crystals Co.

Who We Are



 A natural born leader and entrepreneur, I pursued many opportunities to work for myself and building long last lasting dreams that will create an amazing legacy for my family.  With a background in Operations and Project Management, it became easy for me to work my way into the business world! As time progressed and the knowledge I learned from my Granny about mixing up God's natural goodness, I stepped onto the scene and created Body Crystals Co.  It easily turned from hobby to passion - created by faith, handmade with love!

We know the industry presents us with varying products to choose from, however my family and I couldn't find products without ingredients that we couldn't pronounce and didn't have to use a dictionary to find out whether or not it was safe for us to use.  As a result, it turned out the best way to know what's in your products is to make your own, so I did! 

My vision is to create products that will assist in maintaining healthy skin.  To provide you with quality natural ingredients that will continually nourish and hydrate your skin.  It's the only thing you wear everyday, why not wear it well?!? 

Body Crystals Co. will continue to expand, grow and evolve to bring you the best natural luxury artisan body care while utilizing quality natural ingredients. Our prayer is that our chemistry and formulations approach is one you will continue to appreciate and love for a lifetime.




Body Crystals Co., Inc. is a luxe artisan bodycare brand that uses quality, all natural ingredients to provide a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience.



Our mission is to create luxe artisan skincare products from quality natural ingredients that are formulated to be effective while improving skin health by modeling lifestyle changes through information and education.


To become the leading body care brand in the industry being know for giving back to our community and educating future girl bosses and young women to accomplish their dreams and goals.