Body Crystals Co.

Why a Capital Campaign?

BCC is beginning a capital campaign because we want to upgrade our packaging, website and expand our reach to engage more BC Beauties!


Just Because You Love BC

Monetary Contribution
without Reward.

Glow, Girl!

A bottle of our Massage Oil with

It's like Butter, baby!

A whipped body soufflé of your choice with FREE SHIPPING.

For the Man amongst Men
Face + Beard Oil and Body Balm for the man in your life with FREE SHIPPING.

You can have Whatever YOU Like!
Now you are getting smoother, softer and brighter.  Select a combination of any three of our products with FREE SHIPPING.
You're my Angel (Investor)!
You'll get the entire Body Crystals Co. line with FREE SHIPPING. 
You won't be able to get enough, I'm just saying...
Your Sweetness is my Weakness!
Two BC Beauty Boxes filled with all the BC goodness one could ask for and a goody bag just for you!
Ahhh, sugar sugar! Hey, honey honey!
For your generosity, me and a member of my team will come to your location anywhere within the USA and speak of the importance of taking care of your skin and temple, being a girl boss or the art of entrepreneurship all with product giveaways.  Dates must be booked 45 days in advance.
DIY Workshop
Are you a fan of DIY and you want to know how to make your own products? Awesome! Myself and a partner will come to your location anywhere within the USA and walk you through the process of making soufflés and body buffs all the while listening to a LIVE acoustic session from the Body Crystals Co. soundtrack! At the end of our session, you would have learned the benefits of our ingredients and 3, 2 oz. jars of product that YOU made!  Class accommodates 8-10 people.  Dates must be booked 45 days in advance.
I'm Getting Ready! I'm Ready for Overflow!
You've made a way and I'm forever grateful. Seriously, I am.  Choose from any combination of what's listed above and let's see what kind of magic we can make!  As an added bonus, for every $5K donated, two, $500 scholarships will be given to a future girl boss enrolled in a Business or STEM program.